Monday, August 15, 2016

Potato Patch

We headed up north near Jerome  and camped out at the Potato Patch campground. We wanted to get away from the city lights so we could get a good view of the Perseid meteor shower.

We cooked our dinner using charcoal.


We cooked biscuits in my backpacker pie pan oven
The biscuits turned out perfect.

We ate foil dinnerscorn on the cob, and biscuits.

We finished the meal off with smores.  
Doug was the marshmallow roaster. 

They were so good we wanted some more.

We hiked the Woodchute Trail (#102) in the morning.  
It was 4.5 miles each way.  
The elevation was almost 7,000 feet.  
At the peak we had a nice view of Jerome and surrounding areas.

The end.